Haywood County Agriculture

Sunburst Trout Company has been a part of the Haywood County Agriculture/Aquaculture scene for almost 50 years. When my father, Dick Jennings, began looking for a place to expand his small Jackson County trout operation into something bigger, he said, 'I believe Haywood County will be the perfect fit. They’ve got good water over there, and they’re good people. That’s a darn good combination if you’re a trout farmer!' He was right.

Sunburst Trout Company

Agriculture has always been a key feature in the Haywood County landscape. You don’t have to drive far before stumbling upon a pasture of cattle, tomato or pepper fields, private woodlands, or the ever intriguing corn maze. More and more the crop mix in Haywood County includes nursery or greenhouse production and woodland botanicals as well.

Production agriculture brings in approximately $20,000,000, and represents over 800 full and part time jobs throughout the county. But the greatest influence is the culture of our farm families and their direct impact on the county’s landscapes. Each homestead provides an attractive landscape for those not fortunate enough to farm themselves.

Choose n’ Cut Christmas Tree Farms, local Trout Hatcheries, Apple Orchards featuring delicious desserts and our local Farmers Market are just a stones throw away from our town center. We encourage you to stop by the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center to pick up a Local Food Guide and a map of the Farms of Haywood County.

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